Ass and Sideboob

I dont think that there is a hotter trans girl than Nina StrongHold that shows off as much ass and sideboob! I mean this girl really has it and if you ask me. Its HOT! And because you are reading this blog about her, you kind of did ask me. And her of course. Its her blog. I just drool over her ass and sideboob shots and get to write some of the posts. So its a huge win win for me of course. But I will admit that my cock gets…. errr I mean fingers get sore writing all the time.

So back to that ass and sideboob. Now as you can see in the image below, Nina was dressed up to go out. And she loves getting dressed up to go out. She enjoys wearing the sexiest clothing that she can and this club dress is one of those outfits. In the first photos of the set you can see that her tits spill out the top of the dress. And her big ass pushes out the back. Both making her look even more curvy than she is. And trust me, Nina has killer curves.

Click on the image below to join her members area and see this whole set. Yes it goes 100% nude and your going to love seeing her tits ass and cock. Just click right now!
Ass and Sideboob


Author: Nina Stronghold

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