Foot play and Masturbation with Nina StrongHold.

Foot play and Masturbation with Nina StrongHold.

Hey guys. I was getting ready to make this masturbation movie and I started with a little foot play. My foot was actually bothering me but I had no one to rub it for me. So I did it myself. To my surprise I could feel my nipples tighten and also a tingle in my cock and love hole. That’s something that I want more of.

So if your a foot man and want to play, lets hook up and have some real fun. You can rub my feet and cock at the same time. Stroking me while kissing and licking my toes! Making me hot. Watching as my nipples get hard on their own.

Click the image below to check out the site that I have. Lots to do and see and to get off with!

Foot Play

So, what do you think of this clip? Was it a bit of a turn on? Did your cock tingle like mine did? Come and join me and see the whole movie right now. You will love it.

Come and play with my feet and my big titties.

Otherwise check out more posts here on this site about me! See my Boobies!


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