Hand Bra

Have you ever seen this done? Yeah in photos but also in real life. Maybe a situation where a girls shit got ripped off and she made a hand bra to cover herself? Well I have and I love it. To the point that I even asked that Nina make this hand bra photo. And there are others in the set of course. Nina is hot and has some of the best tits on a trans girl you will ever see. And trust me when I say a hand bra looks amazing on her. Click on the image below to see more and find out for sure.

Can you imagine being the guy behind her doing this on those big tranny tits of hers? Me personally I would be pinching her nipples the instant my hands touched her big tranny tits. And I would also be doing everything I could while holding those tits to make her hot!

After all if I kiss her neck and make her hot maybe she will stick those nipples right into my mouth. Then things will really turn exciting.

If you want to see the rest of this set, and I am sure you do. Just click on the image below. Or you can click a text link. They both take you to the same place. So click right now!

Hand Bra


Author: Nina Stronghold

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