Short club dress

Remember the last time you went to a bar and saw a hot girl in a short club dress? Can you believe that the one Nina is wearing in this photo set is actually long for her? She got this as a gift as a short club dress but once she put it on she said it was much longer than what she normally wears. However she liked the colors so much that we has worn it multiple times to the clubs. Nina tells me that she also gets pretty good reactions from people about it. And when I asked her what she meant by that she said at least four hands up her dress while in the club per night. Then she giggled. Nina loves to have attention like that and this dress helps her get it.

Even though this short club dress is not as short as she would like. Nina did pose it in so that you could see it and judge it for yourself. But she does ask that if as a member to her site you want to buy her another dress. To make sure to send one that is even shorter than this. She said she wants her tits out on top and her ass and panties on the bottom.

Click on the image to see more of her body packed into this club dress!
Short club dress


Author: Nina Stronghold

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