Tiny Bikini

What exactly is it that makes a Tiny Bikini? Is it the cut and shape and amount of material used? Or is it the body inside of it? Now I want you to take a look at Nina in the photo below as she shows off her bikini. Now I know this one is not super tiny. But its small and the top looks even smaller on her big trans girl tits. What do you think? Hot or not?

Now most of you are thinking that this bikini is not small enough. However if Nina presented herself in this to you. Well you would feel a lot different. First of all this bikini barely covers her big tits. And that is actually really fucking sexy to see in person. Yes it covers her nipples. But her underboob and side boob is showing really well.

The Bikini bottom is not too big but because Nina has a big ass it looks nice and small. Furthermore she can bundle it some and make it into a thong. Its actually quite hot and you will love the look. Couple this bikini with some sexy high heels and its super hot on her curvy trans girl body.

Tiny Bikini

I know that a lot of men love a big tranny cock. But you have to admit that Nina’s smaller one makes her look smoking hot in a bikini!


Author: Nina Stronghold

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