Bikini Bottom

For the most part, when you see a trans girl at the beach you will see her wearing a bikini bottom like the one you see here on Nina StrongHold. They use this sort of bikini bottom to make sure their cock is covered in the front and also in the back. However from time to time the girl will pull the bikini bottom up in the back so that it is inside her ass cheeks. But still covering and hiding her tranny cock.

While we all know that Nina does not have the biggest cock. She tells us that she still uses this sort of bottom because she will often get an erection at the beach from looking at all the guys. And once that happens she needs to be able to hide it. So the thicker and bigger bottom helps her do that.

Now Nina has the top to this bikini but she says that most of the time she is topless on the beach. And yes it does draw attention. And when a man approaches her the first thing after greeting them is she tells them that she is trans and still has her cock. Kind of HOT if you ask me.

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Bikini Bottom


Author: Nina Stronghold

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