Half naked trans

OK. So this is another what would you do post. Or Moment if you prefer! What would you do if you arrived someplace and found a half naked trans girl? Just imagine that you walk into a store that sells beds. As you enter the lights are switching off. You yell out that you are there. And that you are a customer. No reply. So you start to walk to the out door and that is when you notice. Laying on the top of a king size bed. A bit back away from the doors and windows. Nina StrongHold a half naked trans. She is laying there uncovered except for the little bit of lingerie.

What would you do? You stand staring at her body. Seeing the thrust of her big tits. The soft and creamy legs that are bare except for her high heels. No panties, and just a sweet treat covering her tranny cock that you know is there. Her nipples are slightly hard. Nina’s lips are painted sweet pink and she is smiling at you. Will you take this half naked trans and make her yours? Will you shove your cock into her mouth or deep into her ass hole?

You can have a piece of Nina right now simply by clicking on the image below. If you want to try and make this fantasy come true, then simply send her a message in the members area.
Half naked trans


Author: Nina Stronghold

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