Hot pants

Do you know what Hot pants are? They are like the boxer briefs for men, but made for women. And as you can see in the image below they do look amazing on the right body of a trans girl. And we are all lucky here that Nina StrongHold has that body that fills Hot pants just right. With a thick and juicy ass she also has nice wide hips and her cock is on the smaller side. So Hot pants look great on her and just make you want to touch her.

In the set of photos below you also see that she has on a nice tight tank top as well. In case you had not noticed yet, that tank top does not have a bra under it and her tits are still in the right place. She has perfect tits and they are the kind that you just want to touch. This tank top shows them off really well and looks so smooth and soft. Can you just imagine reaching out can touching those big tits.

Speaking of Big tits. Just to make sure you know. Nina loves to have a man play with hers. She says her big tits are one of her best features and but that is only besides her big ass!

Hot pants


Author: Nina Stronghold

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