Nina StrongHold Naked! Check out those amazing tits!

Nina StrongHold Naked! Check out those amazing tits! You just have to admit that the curves on this body are amazing!  Hi guys. I know its a little strange when use a title like that. Especially when you consider that I am writing this myself and also talking about myself. But I do it so that some of the search sites might help me out with a little bit of traffic. The reason you ask yourself? Simple! I am saving money to get my final surgery. Thats right, the big and final cut.

Most of you already know that I am a real bottom! Passive all the way guys. That means that the next photo tittled Nina StrongHold Naked! should be with me spreading my legs and showing you my new tranny pussy!

I am certain I will lose a lot of fans that way but its what I want to do. So if you have a site on any of the big things like tumblr! Link to me. It just might help!

Nina StrongHold naked

Dont worry fans and friends that love my cock. I will keep the photos and videos up for you to enjoy. But I sure do hope that you will come and try out my tranny pussy as well. It will be a lot of fun and still part of me!

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