Panties and glasses

You have to admit that panties and glasses are a hot look on a trans girl. Take for instance the photo below of Nina StrongHold. Panties and glasses and nothing else and that makes for a super hot photo. But even better. This image is a still screen cap of the movie. That is right. You will get to see these big beautiful tits and her lips and her ass as well as her hard little cock. Nina loves to be naked and this is one more hot example of it. Dont you just love those glasses on her?

A lot of us here are fans of Nina and we know what to expect from her. We love her amazing tits. And her tight tranny ass as well. But getting to watch her as she strips off her panties and then masturbates is always a turn on. And seeing those big tits out with just panties and glasses. Well I was hard from the instant I saw the video.

Click on the image below to check out more of Nina and watch the whole movie. You will love watching her wank her cock and play with her tight tranny nipples.

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Panties and glasses

Also dont forget to enjoy the video clip below.


Author: Nina Stronghold

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