Panties have got to be our favorite part of the clothing a girl wears. Its sexy as well as functional. And it just looks good. At least I believe it does. And especially when getting to watch a girl strip naked for me. Kind of like what Nina does in this photo set. And as you can see. Even with the cute little shoes she has on, she still looks sexy as well.

Now as you can see Nina was in the process of lowering her panties. That of course gives us a nice peek at her tummy right above her trans girl cock. And that is one area of her body we all love to see. And that is because once we see that we know we are very close to seeing the rest as she slips her panties down her legs and to the floor. That of course finally shows is the cock we have been looking for. Please do not for get that while Nina will get her cock hard and masturbate for you she prefers that you treat her like a woman and ignore her cock and pay attention to her ass only. That is after all her spot for pleasure for you and her!

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Author: Nina Stronghold

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