Ripped Leggings.

Ripped Leggings.

Well guys what do you think of my Ripped Leggings outfit? This was the first time I wore it and I loved it. A LOT! I thought it was so hot. A touch bit hard to get into but sexy as hell once it was on. I love the look and feel. The way the top kept pulling at my nipples when I moved. The tightness of the pants on my ass and my cock. But still able to feel the breeze on my most of my legs.

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Click on the image to see more of this set right now. You will love seeing it as much as I did making it.
Ripped Leggings

These ripped leggings are also very comfortable. And I mean so much so that sitting around the house in them is fine. But dont get me wrong my love. If you want me out of them simply say so or pull them down yourself.

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