See through top!

See through top!

I love to wear super slutty clothing. Most of you have seen some of my outfits. The one below is not new but it is one of my favorites. And yes I actually wear this to clubs and adult events. Being slutty is fun. I love it when men stare and reach out and touch me as long as its done gently and respectfully. Then its a major turn on and hot!

I do have a question though and I really hope some of you will answer me in comments below. What do you prefer. A transparent top? Or a see through one? Transparent to me means that the cloth completely covers my tits and nipples. But you can still see. Then the see through are the ones like below with holes where you can see through to my actual tits. The skin and nipples and the good stuff. So, which do you prefer?

See through top

I also from time to time will wear pants that show a lot more than just the skin on my legs. Like showing off the crack of my ass with not panties on. Because I have a smaller penis I can get away with this pretty easy. Take a look at the rest of this set and let me know what you think!


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