Thick trans girl cosplay

Anyone else into thick trans girl cosplay? I have to say that if this was not a photo of Nina StrongHold I dont think I would be interested. But she is the one girl that I can never get enough of. And even now being a bit of a thick trans girl. Well that cosplay still looks smoking hot on her. In fact this thick trans is one of the few if any that I would ever hit on. Im not really into thick. How about you?

But like I said. This thick trans girl cosplay is all about one of my favorites and that is Nina StrongHold. She has the prettiest set of lips on her. Beautiful long hair and also a set of tits that are to die for. How much I would love to drop a load on her cleavage! Yeah its all fantasy really because I have only been able to record videos and photos of her. Its always another guy that gets to touch her or fuck her. Sadly I get the fantasy only but she is so fun to look at and watch that I have great orgasms with her!

Click on a text link or the image below to check out more of Nina and her amazing set of tits. Click right now!
Thick trans girl cosplay

Do not miss out on this video. Your going to love it!

Love the big tits? The long hair and heels? Read more now!


Author: Nina Stronghold

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