Trans girl in Glasses.

Trans girl in Glasses.

Hey guys. I wanted to ask you how you think I look as a Trans girl in Glasses? Do you think I look like a brilliant doctor or maybe a scientist? Maybe I look like the secretary of your dreams. I honestly do have a big set of tits and also a nice big round ass. That means I can wear short dresses that show my cleavage and legs and sit on your lap and take DIKtation! Sounding like a bit of fun? Lets do it baby. Invite me to your office and tell me how you want me to dress. I will be there to work with you. We can work side by side or one on top of the other!!!

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Trans girl in glasses

Yes baby. Join me right now by clicking that image. I want you to watch me strip with these glasses on. Then I want you to stroke me off and then shoot your hot man load across my face. I dont care if it hits my glasses or gets into my hair. Just shoot it all over and rub it in with the head of your throbbing cock.

If you want to see other free samples of me you can do that. Just click here for more of my Big Tits.


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