Lips and ass

Well this topic is on both ends of the girl that is for sure. I guess the only further I could have gone would have been hair and feet. Oh that’s a good idea. Anyway. Lips and ass on Nina StrongHold are a great topic. So we will stick that that for now! And as you can see by this photo of Nina Posing in Lingerie. She has a nice set of lips and ass to talk about!

So now that we have started this topic. Lets talk about the lips and ass on Nina. Because I love her ass we can start there. Nina does not have one of those round bubble butts like some girls. And than god she does not have implants. But she does have a big ass and she really likes to show it off and use it. But remember do not try to work your way around to the front. That clit of hers is only for special occasions. So stick with her ass and give it lots of love. Kissing, biting and licking will all do well to get her started!

Take a look at this sexy photo below and then click on it to join Nina and see the rest of this set.
Lips and ass

Now for those lips. Soft but firm. And so well shaped she does not even need to wear lipstick. She looks amazing and her lips just screen to be kissed or to let them kiss the head of your cock. Your choice but click now to choose. Nina is waiting!


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