Short red dress.

Hey guys. I know that a lot of you love a short red dress. And when it comes to a short dress I have the perfect one. So short in fact that I usually have to wear those tight little gym pants so that my cock and ass are not showing. Unless that is when I go to a club. Then I wear a thong or nothing at all and let things flow!

Take a look at my short red dress in the photo and video clip below. Let me know what you think about the dress and how it fits me. Personally I love the way it hangs over my big trans girl boobs! It makes the whole dress just kind of float against my body don’t you think?

Short red dress

For those of you that love to see a hot trans girl in red, this is the set that is going to make your balls ache. So read on my love!

If some day you are down where I live message me and we can go on a date. If you want me to wear this dress, let me know and I will. It will be the hottest date you have ever been on in your life.


Author: Nina Stronghold

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